Hourly Rate

My hourly rate is $45

The minimum charge for any work is 1 hour. All further time is tracked and will be rounded to the nearest 15min

Operations Management

For my customers who have an ongoing need for business operations 

Once we have determined the level of admin coverage you need, I will provide a set monthly or weekly rate to match your requirements

Project Specific work

If you have a specific project you need completed, I can provide a free customised quote

Contact me with a description of your requirements and I will provide the quote along with expected timeframe for completion

Fine Print

Pricing: Currency is AUD and all prices are exclusive of GST, Invoicing will have 7 day payment terms. 

Timesheets: All time is tracked and communicated weekly. You will receive a time report on each invoice.

Operations Management: Invoiced on agreed schedule. Working hours to be agreed at start of contract, contracts will be initially written for a 3 month period. 1 month’s written notice is needed for cancellation

Project Specific: Will be invoiced on milestones to be agreed at the start of contract.